Journey to the High Country, Pt. 6

Million Dollar Highway

Well, here we are, Part 6 of my Colorado ride report. This is the closing chapter of my ride, but it’s a big one! Looks like I’m still in Salida… July 1, 2013 – Million Dollar Highway, Part 1 Waking up in Salida, the day looked like it’d be a good one…for awhile at least. […]

Journey to the High Country, Pt. 5

Mt. Evans

Welcome to Part 5 of my ride report! At this point in the story, I’m nearing the end of my adventure; however, I still had a few days of fun left. Let’s pick it up in Georgetown, where I’d spent the last 2 nights… Sunday, June 30th – Mt. Evans and South, beginning the final […]

Journey to the High Country, Pt. 4

Loveland Pass

Welcome to Part 4 of my Colorado ride report! At the moment, in this trip, I’m holed up just north of Buena Vista, CO…let’s get the show on the road! Friday, June 28th – Mmm, Loveland Pass I woke up to a dusty campsite; the wind was blowing and dust was coating everything…almost as bad […]

Journey to the High Country, Pt. 3

McClure Pass - Colorado 7/2013

Welcome to Part 3 of my Colorado ride report. The scenic hits keep coming in this edition! In the last part, I had pitched my tent for the night in Glenwood Springs, CO; we start there… Thursday, June 27th – Black Canyon of the Gunnison & Cottonwood Pass I woke up at a somewhat more […]

Journey to the High Country, Pt. 2

Rocky Mountain National Park, summit

Welcome to Part 2 of my Colorado Ride Report. Things start to get adventurous from here on out; enjoy! Two days are covered and there are a ton of photos… Tuesday, June 25th – Rocky Mountain National Park Today was a free day as my brother and nephew were going out mountain biking, so I […]

I Miss My Roadcrafter

Me cruising on US129, aka, The Dragon

I’m an unabashed fan of Aerostich gear having owned my Roadcrafter one-piece suit for 8 years and using it almost exclusively ever since. In fact, until recently, I could count the number of times I didn’t use it on any ride over the past 8 years on ONE hand. 4 weeks ago today, I sent […]

Ride to Work!


June 20th is the annual Ride to Work Day! Show your support for the cause! You know riding to work saves gas, parking spaces, and saves you from the boredom of the daily doldrums of driving the cage to work. Get out and show your support, and have some fun doing it.